Matrix is a 1.9x Pure Vanilla Server

This means No Commands Such as /tpa /sethome /spawn and Claiming land

Server& Staff Rules:-
(Revision: June 8th 2016)

Matrix Servers Rules

Player Rules :

(I.) We expect our players to conduct themselves in an orderly civilized manner, any actions from a player that might incite some fear or other feelings that might cause other players to not feel comfortable with said action and/or words will result in a ban. This includes but is not limited to;
a. Swearing, Cursing, Spamming and Explicit Language. (Even slang and abbreviations count towards this, just because a player hides their words behind other characters or words, we know what it means and it will not be tolerated.)
b. Topics on Politics, Religion, Sexual Orientation and other topics that are likely to spark a disagreement from other players. We know that everyone has a different opinion on everything and that can't be helped, therefor we ask our players to hold a neutral position towards sensitive subjects and topics while on our server(s).
c. Excessive usage of Capitals/Caps Lock.
d. Racism, Discrimination and other defamatory actions towards others will not be tolerated.

II. Griefing/Raiding is not allowed past 3000 blocks. Up to 3000k from spawn is open season for raiding. Anyone caught griefing/raiding past 3k will be permanently banned from all our servers and services such as forums.
a. We offer grief/raid assistance to players that have suffered from grief/raid only if they live 8000+ blocks away from spawn and within reason

III. Teleportation is only granted under the following reasons, otherwise asking for a teleport may result in yourself getting muted after a proper warning.
a. Your bed was griefed or accidently removed by yourself, this only applies if you live 3000+ blocks or more from spawn.
b. A server error caused your spawn point to be reset.
c. At the discretion of the staff they may grant a single teleport for a friend to another if the distance to travel is considerable. They might refuse your request in which case you are asked to travel by your own means to the desired destination.

IV. We do not give items to players except in the bellow rare occasions, any player who asks for item is subject to being muted after proper warning.
a. A server error caused the loss of items
b. The player was griefed and items were removed from their chest(s) (This only applies to players living further than 5000+ blocks from spawn.)
c. At the staff team's discretion we may help players with their builds if we find the build worth the time and effort by giving them some building supplies. This applies to players who follow the rules and that we have not had issues with in the past only.

V. Regarding PVP, only donators have PVP privileges across the entire server, if a donator is caught abusing this power they will be stripped of their Donator title and will not be refunded. If you wish to PVP we have a PVP arena setup in spawn that you may visit by going to the Games building.

VI. As for OPs and Staff ranks, we do not give OP and Staff ranks to any player that asks for it, we hand pick our staff amongst the players who have played for a reasonable amount of time and that have so far followed the rules and meet specific age and maturity requirements.
a. Note that Architect is not a Staff ranking and is nor a position that has OP, this title is for players who have shown great building skills with their builds and that have been on the server for a long period of time. This title is given out at the staff's discretion and is subject to be removed at any time, this title only grants the power to change from Survival mode to Creative mode and vice-versa.
b. Architects are given the rank as previously stated, those found to be using this access for reasons other than to assist in their own build, will have their access removed and depending on severity maybe incur a tempory ban period.

Any player who does not follow these rules is subject to a permanent and immediate ban or mute depending on the severity of their actions. It is at the discretion of the Staff to update and change these rules and depict actions to be taken towards players who do not follow these rules. The staff holds all rights to ban and mute any player for any reason they see fit even if it is not listed above.

Staff Rules:

Staff Rules: Mods

All directions from a KING are final and to be done without question, however, if you feel the direction violates the good will of the server and/or rules of the server, then please send a private message to Morpheus1101. DO NOT argue about it on main chat on server,forums, skype or TeamSpeak.

We also enourage not only users but staff with opinions on improving or adding things to the server to voice there opinion calmy rationally and with clarity on the server forums.

You may not:

1. No granting teleports, items and op to players. Exception see above #1.
2. No building anything for players. Exception see above #3
3. No changing weather and time
4. No using /kill command for animals and mobs
5. Staff do not, and will not host drop parties.
6. Staff are not allowed to give OP, ranks or game modes to their alts
7. Staff may not use OP powers to troll players. They may not kill them or torment them even if they are breaking the rules.
8. Staff will not replace or move a naturally spawned mob spawner or change a naturally spawned mob spawner to another mob type.
9. Staff are not allowed to use command blocks PERIOD. Exception: Any command block circuits for a project are to be approved by Morpheus1101 before they can be built and used on the server.
10. You may not spawn withers unless you are playing survival and have got the items to do so legit, you may not spawn dragons in main world.
11. You may not use the end crystals for anything other than spawning in the ender dragon in The End.
12. You may not stay at a players home or town if they ask you to leave, be in spectator (gm3) if your checking on things


Admin's may do some things listed in the "You May Not" Catagory, but is expected by the time you have this responsability, you will know and understand what those are.

You May:

1. Tp a player who lives out past 3000 blocks back to their home if their bed is gone from griefing or server error. (Verify cords before teleporting them) You may also tp a new player to an already playing friend who lives out past 5k, this is a one time tp. Remind them to set their bed.
2. /ban and /kick players who are breaking the rules and have been given a warning. Please write a valid reason for banning.
3. Griefing assistance. (Only for players who live further than 8000 blocks from spawn.)
4. Staff are allowed to give any item/s to players if the staff member acquired the items while playing in survival mode.
5. Staff are allowed to make reasonable op weapons, tools or armor. They must be used ONLY at their home and kept on them or in an enderchest at all times. You may not make super op items that have stats out of reason or/on non Weapon items, for example you can't make a melon slice that has 1 million attack power.
6. Use creative on your own personal projects, be mindful not to use endless expensive items that other players can steal.
7. spectate players to be sure that they are obeying the rules.

**All bans are to be reported on the forum in the "Bans And Reasons For Ban" section so as other staff members know why a user is banned should they make an appeal.

1st and Foremost, Staff do not and should not put up with personal abuse or attacks against them from anyone, they have as much right to their thoughts and opinions and do their job voluntarily and therefore don't have to put up with any nonsense etc from players, any player that depicts the for-mentioned described behavior are to be removed from the server by any means necessary. In the event that the issue depicted is coming from another staff member please report the issue to Morpheus1101 or Tanino so that they can choose appropriate actions to be taken towards the staff member in question.

Staff all have personal/mental issues we deal with in everyday life, but that's how life is, when staff are on Skype OR the server, we ask that they keep these things in check and act in a professional well behaved manner suited to the position they've been chosen to fulfill and leave real life issues at the door. When something is decided and said by Morpheus1101 it is a final decision, not one to be questioned or argued about, to do so shows disloyalty both to him and to the fellow staff members and will be frowned upon as a serious breach in etiquette and will result in disciplinary action.

Staff are to let other staff members do their jobs, no snooping around other staff members to see what they are doing is allowed, it is disrespectful towards the staff member in question as it shows a lack of trust towards said staff member. Staff are also asked to be flexible with the rules at their own discretion so long as it stays within reasonable matters, we're all humans and we all make mistakes, that being said we also expect the highest quality of work from our staff. Staff members that try to enforce the rules at the detriment of other staff members will be subject to suspension if it is found
that this caused the work of said staff member to be obstructed by the enforcer.

a. The exception is for new staff members that will be monitored by senior staff members to ensure the quality of their work.

Any staff that does not follow these rules are subject to an immediate suspension for investigation after which their position may be removed from them or restored depending on the issue, reports on the staff's behavior are to be sent directly to Morpheus1101.

Server facts:
In order to break blocks you will need to travel a distance of 350 Blocks. To be eligible to receive assistance should players be Griefed/Raided they will need to have built their home at a Minimum Distance of 8k Blocks away from Spawn.

Commands you may need to use:
/ban to ban a player write valid reason in space before entering
/kick warning if they are breaking a rule
/ban-ip this is only used when a player gets on after being banned with multiple different accounts to continue hurting the server.
/tp to get to cords or players

Server Commands:-
To get to Spawn: /trigger do set 1
Once bed spawn set to get home: /trigger do set 2